Livingston Parish girl makes huge mark in community by donating thousands to help homeless animals

Livingston Parish girl makes huge mark in community by donating thousands to help homeless animals
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POSTED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 8:31am

UPDATED: Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 2:04pm

Over one hundred homeless dogs and countless cats across Livingston Parish are looking for a forever home.

Jade Mitchell, 9, is trying to help the animals inside the walls of the shelters.

"I've always loved animals since I was like 4," said Jade Micthell.

"She's should be an inspiration to other people being so young and having such a dedication and love for the animals it's very impressive," said Denham Springs Animal Shelter Assistant Director, Jullie Carr.

It started with a hobby, a flower made of duct tape on top of a pen and they take about half an hour to make.

“People like pink and zebra and lot of people like that and LSU colors,” noted Mitchell.

She started to sell them. Then, quickly decided she wanted to use the money to help animals. Now, one year later, she's donated over $7,000 worth of items to help animals in need.

“It feels good because I know every time I get an order it means more that gets to go to the shelter,” said Mitchell.

And something unexpected; Jade's Flowers are helping in more ways than one.

“It’s helped us out tremendously she’s bought us a refrigerator she's bought us a weeks worth of dog food, which that alone is a lot and she's bought us fans,” stated Carr.

Aside from the money raised from her pens, Jade and her mom give the dogs some special treats a few times a month.

“We make mutt biscuits and every pound of that we sell for $6 a pound goes to the shelter,” said Jade.

Now, this little philanthropist is taking her fundraising and heart of gold to yet another level.

"Whenever someone adopts a dog we put one of each thing in these bags."

She hopes these ‘Fur-Ever Home Bags’ with the essentials will encourage people to not just adopt, but give back by donating, too.

With all of these efforts, children are using Jade's example to pay it forward and do what they can in their community as well.

“There was several children after the fact of Jade doing what she did they would ask for dog food and cat food for the shelter than for personal gifts for themselves, it was pretty inspirational," noted Carr

“I want to be a vet when I am older and I am going to keep helping them for as long as I want to."

Jade started giving out "Fur-Ever Home Bags” to first time pet owners this week and she's hoping to continue doing that, as long as she has the funds.

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