GRAPHIC VIDEO: Woman arrested for throwing two puppies off hotel balcony in New Orleans

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 9, 2013 - 2:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 19, 2013 - 8:44am

WARNING: The video attached to this story could be considered disturbing to some viewers.

Surveillance video captured the image of two puppies that were tossed from the third floor balcony of a New Orleans hotel. The woman accused of killing the animals was arrested on felony cruelty charges.

The New Orleans Police Department reports that the incident occurred on Saturday, April 6 at the Crystal Inn on Tulane Ave. A guest staying at the hotel found the two puppies on the ground. They were suffering from severe injuries.

The guest rushed the puppies to a local veterinary clinic. We’re told one died on the way to the hospital and the second died at the clinic.

Police were contacted and they worked with the hotel to obtain the surveillance video. They found the disturbing image of the animals hurling through the air. The footage clearly shows that the animals had been thrown, rather than accidentally falling.

Investigators identified the suspect as Kisha Carter. She was arrested on Monday, April 8 and charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals.

To report animal cruelty in Orleans Parish, call (504) 368-5191 ext. 100 or email

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I hope to God the pups get their Justice ! She needs to have the max sentence possible . God Forbid she gets Prego ! I feel bad for the children Take the kids away from her if she does cause if she can treat animals that way what makes you think she won't do this to the kids !

WTF is wrong with people! I think she should be thrown from a 3rd flood window, and if she survives the fall, do it again. People like this make me sick and they deserve to be punished the exact same way as the inflicted harm onto those animals, or another person. Let the punishment fit the crime. This woman does not deserve to live, nor should she rot in jail because those of us who pay taxes are paying for her to be there. Throw her out a window until she doesn't feel anymore.

She's just practicing! Get this piece of trash off the streets! She's a violent person with no regard for sentient life; why are we wasting our time, oxygen & space on such a POS? Really! Come on now: HARSHER PUNISHMENTS for ANIMAL ABUSE! Make an example out of her!

Hopefully this B**** better not have KIDS...if she does, they should be stripped from her FOREVER, and she needs to be STERILIZED so she can NEVER HAVE KIDS...Animal abusers, just like dog fighters, and torturers of animals DO ALWAYS go on to commit VERY VIOLENT crimes against real human beings (which this thing should not be considered anymore), even committing torture and murder against humans, JUDGES ALREADY KNOW THAT when they put such trash back on the streets.

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