GRAPHIC: Dog injured in fire fights for her life

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POSTED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 5:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 5:21pm

It is a miracle that Peanut is alive after her house went up in flames in a matter of minutes. But although Peanut is alive, it’s going to be a long road to her recovery. And with the help of social media, people from across the country are rooting for peanut to survive.

Ten-year-old peanut was soaking up the sun on her front porch when the house went up in flames.

"A witness said that he saw her and couldn't get to her because the flames were so high," said Peanut's owner, Marye Blank. Peanut was on a leash and unable to escape the fire when it first broke out. "She was on the porch literally baking from the heat of the fire," said Marye.

But Marye says it's a miracle she finally got away.

"Such a miracle. I usually put peanut on chains together to give her room.That day I picked up a cloth leash, a canvas cloth leash-- don't know why, and something fell on the cloth leash, burned it and she jumped off the porch."

After running off, she was found a few hours later, severely injured.

"At first, we thought peanut only had some burns on her side when we saw her running and trying to get her. When we got her to the vet, they shaved her hair and she had second and third degree burns over half of her body, and those were burns we couldn't see under the fur," says Marye.

Peanut is fighting for her life one day at a time with the help of her family and people around the world. Just after one Facebook post, strangers started to donate to Peanut's recovery.

"People are calling from all over the world. I was there yesterday and people were calling from Switzerland and Germany and they're just giving their credit card number to the girl,” said Marye. A family is now re-building from the ground up and taking it one day at a time, praying for Peanut with support they could have never imagined.

Peanut was at the hospital Thursday afternoon, but was transported to LSU Veterinary School to be put on dialysis. She is not suffering and is highly medicated.

If you would like to help Peanut, click here.

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