Cute cuddly and overcrowding the shelter: army of kittens hits CAA

Cute cuddly and overcrowding the shelter: army of kittens hits CAA
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POSTED: Sunday, May 19, 2013 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 20, 2013 - 9:26am

The Companion Animal Alliance needs your help to save dozens of cats and kittens. An army of cute and cuddly kittens is overcrowding the Baton Rouge animal shelter run by the Companion Animal Alliance.

"It's puppy and kitten season," Beth Brewster, head of the Companion Animal Alliance, said.

She explained when spring winds down kitten season winds up.

The shelter takes in about 30 cats and dogs on an average day; however, that number doubles during kitten season, because people drop off loads of litters to the shelter.

"The numbers are just overwhelming. It's just finding room and finding foster homes. Finding people that will help us with them. Finding people to adopt," Brewster described.

Brewster says kitten season is a growing problem a cat can have up to 8 kittens in a litter and those kittens can start having babies five months later.

"I think the biggest misconception is that it's not my problem. It's not my cat it's not my problem," Brewster explained.

People feed cats in their neighborhood during year, but when kitten season comes up they don't want to deal with the animals anymore.

"Then they bring it to the shelter they just want us to euthanize it," Brewster said.

She explained that won't help curb kitten fever.

"If you take a cat out and you euthanize it forms a vacuum affect where that colony of cats will let a lot more cats in," according to Brewster.

There is an easy way to keep cat colonies in check, Brewster explained: "Trap neuter and release."

Brewster said there is a good behavior bonus that comes with procedure.

“They [spayed cats] cut down on rodent control. They kill all the big roaches that everyone hates in the summer. I mean they become great companions," Brewster exclaimed.

Brewster says kitten season goes into the summer months.

Right now CAA is hosting a super sale all cats over 6 months old are only $10 dollars right now. CAA wants to get over 90 cats adopted.

For a list of all adoptable cats click here.

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