Concerned neighbors ask for Animal Control to seize horses

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POSTED: Friday, March 1, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 4, 2013 - 11:18am

Baker resident Karen Moreau says it's hard to look across the fence at her neighbors three horses.

"It breaks my heart for me to see. It really does, it really, really hurts my heart to see something like this happening," Moreau explained.

She claims the horses have been starving and living in awful conditions for months.

"Seeing their bones. Seeing the vertebrae in their back, their hip bones sticking up, just bones. The rain rot! Losing their hair. It’s horrible. "

She says she’s tried to reach out for help, but she's worried by the time anyone takes action it'll be too late.

"(I am told) It’s an 'open case', a vet has been sent out, it takes time for them to gain weight. You know ‘they have a problem that keeps them from gaining weight.’ Yeah, the problem is, no food," Moreau added.

Tired of getting the go around from local agencies Moreau took to Facebook, then called NBC33.

"They need to be seized that day. Not in a month, not in two months. Now! Because sometimes these animals. They don't make it. Why would people do something like that to a helpless animal that can't speak for themselves," Moreau said.

NBC33 spoke with the property owner, he said he doesn't own the horses and isn't responsible for feeding them, even though he claims he has been feeding them out of pocket. We tried to get in touch with the owner, he didn't return our calls.

The property owner has said he will be giving the owner a week to claim his horses and start caring for them, before he may start to sell them.

The East Baton Rouge Animal Control office says they've been monitoring the situation since late January and they've seen improvements in the horses. They don’t believe they are in imminent danger, but they do have an officer checking on their condition weekly.

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This is insane why isn't anyone stepping in and helping these poor horses that owner needs to be prosecuted for neglect and abuse what is wrong with this system. This is how we treat innocent animals what is this world coming too.

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