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Animal shelter wants you to 'Have A Heart' for dogs with heartworms

Animal shelter wants you to 'Have A Heart' for dogs with heartworms
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 3:24pm

A new pet adoption campaign, encouraging potential pet owners to adopt dogs that have tested positive for heartworms, was launched in Baton Rouge on February 1.

According to the campaign’s sponsor, the Companion Animal Alliance, many dogs that are brought to them already have heartworms, because they did not receive monthly preventative treatments.

However, the CAA, which has operated the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal shelter for 2 years, assures potential owners that dogs with heartworms do make great pets.

CAA veterinarian Dr. Alison Salmon, who has compiled a comprehensive guide about caring for heartworm positive dogs, says

“Some of our friendliest and most playful dogs have heartworms. Of course we adopters and many are fearful. But when they learn about the options for treatment, some agree to adopt a dog they’ve become attached to, even if it is infected. This is truly saving a life.”

The organization’s “Have a Heart” campaign offers heartworm positive dogs t at half price, to encourage adoptions. Spay and neutering, vaccinations, and microchips are included in the discounted price.

The CAA also has information heartworm disease for potential adopters, including a “101” guide written by Dr. Alison Salmon. It will be available soon at all CAA locations and their website.

The organization’s goal is to save more animal lives by implementing rescue, adoption, and foster programs.

According to the Companion Animal Alliance, the save rate of the parish animal shelter has risen from 30 percent to 50 percent, since the organization took over in August 2011.

To find out more information about the Companion Animal Alliance and their “Have a Heart for Heartworm Positive Pets” program, you can visit their website and facebook page

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