All in the family: Kleinpeters welcome fifth generation to work

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POSTED: Friday, July 26, 2013 - 5:23pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 26, 2013 - 6:22pm

Taylor Kleinpeter is the fifth generation in a long line of Kleinpeters to join the family business. She said growing up on the family farm there was no doubt in her mind that this is the job for her.

"I never really pictured that as a job, because it wasn't to me, it was just me having fun! So the fact that I get to be with my dad and other family members. No one can really say that they work for their 100 year old family business so it's exciting," said Taylor Kleinpeter.

As a new college graduate, Taylor’s using her new marketing degree to breathe new life into the old family business.

"She's already bringing some new things into our company, like the social networking and the Facebook stuff, and the blog she has. You know she's already bringing those new things aboard," explained Kleinpeter Patriarch, Jeff Kleinpeter.

"It’s all about the new generation, not just people my age but the people that are kids now. we want people to know how great our products are," added Taylor Kleinpeter.

Jeff Kleinpeter understands what it's like to bring new ideas to work, he did the same thing himself years ago; and he's hoping Taylor will work to keep the farm going for generations to come.

"She and i are working hard to pass that on to the next generation, so knowing what the other sacrificed really means a lot to me," explained Jeff.

As for Taylor, she's already thinking ahead, and ready to grow with the family business.

"One day I would love to expand, and even in the near future to a certain extent, but I want to make sure that everyone of our customers that we have now are happy," said Taylor.

The Kleinpeter’s celebrated their 100 year anniversary in June.

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