Accused murderer back in jail after escaping: victim's friends speak out

Photo provided by Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office

POSTED: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 8, 2014 - 1:07pm

An accused murderer is back in jail after escaping from the Tangipahoa Parish Prison.

"It's that easy?" questioned Joshua Williams.

Joshua Williams could not believe his ears when he heard Veradale Moore, the man accused of killing Sandra Butler in February escaped from jail.

"What’s the jail for if they can't keep them locked up."

Investigators say, Moore killed butler in an Independence trailer park in February.

"It’s something that will do something to you and it was just sad and I don’t think the neighborhood will be the same after that," noted Williams.

Deputies won't say how, but Moore escaped from jail Sunday night. It took deputies less than 24 hours to track him down in Mississippi.

"We know if someone is in not in our jail,” said Dawn Panepinto with the Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office. “There are numerous head counts that happen."

Williams grew up with butler's sons. He says her family deserves to know the man accused of killing her, is "locked up” so he isn’t able to hurt anyone else.

"Obviously justice should be served," said Williams.

William’s wants to know how he got out. Officials are looking in to it and they aren't saying much.

‘’It was a breach of security and all of those measures are being taken care of and investigated at this time," noted Panepinto.

And no matter the crime, Williams says the only safe place for this guy to be, is in jail.

"A person does not deserve to be running a round for taking someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if it was a mother, or child for murder."

But now, only five months after the tragic drive by shooting, Williams says thank god deputies found him because the family is finally starting to heal.

“I have seen her sons at the barber shop and they are doing fine. They are pulling through doing whatever they have to do to move on."

Last check, Moore’s in the Pike County, Mississippi jail. He'll be booked in there then shipped back to Tangipahoa Parish.

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