Ultrasound being used to make facelifts more precise

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 5:56pm

Looking for a way to look younger without going under the knife? There is another new option: ultrasound.

The treatment, developed by Dr. Matthew White, is called ultherapy.

“We're actually able to focus on the SMAS layer,” said white. “The SMAS layer is the precise layer that, as surgeons, we usually pull tighter when we perform a surgical face lift."

It's the muscle layer under the skin. With ultrasound, doctors who use it say you might be able to see underneath before treatment.

"Once we image with ultrasound, it tells us precisely where the energy is going to be deposited,” stated White. “So we treat the deeper SMAS layer, it causes it to lift and tighten. And then in the same setting we actually go back and treat the deep skin dermis."

Likely the ultrasound's low level heat triggers the wound healing process and stimulates collagen growth over time, firming up skin.

The cost of the treatment varies, but averages around $1,500 and takes about 90 minutes.

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