Extreme heat a very real threat in southern Louisiana

Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 6:26pm

As the mercury keeps rising, it's important to be protected before even stepping outside.

Hilary Findley, a nurse practitioner in Denham Springs, says though there's no average time you can stay outside safely, your body is quick to tell you something’s wrong.

“Your body is basically telling you, you're too hot,” said Findley. “You can either cool yourself off or I’m going to have you suffer some consequences.”

Early symptoms include lots of sweating and even chills. However, she says things can get dangerous in no time.

Findley adds if you spend too much time outside without the right precautions, you could feel this way, or worse; more serious signs include vomiting, muscle cramps, even hallucinations. You can also die from heat exhaustion if the body cannot cool itself down.

Even with all this heat, workers in several industries still have to be outside, even as the mercury flirts with 100 degrees.

The DOTD says they're workers all across the state are trained for the hot weather.

Though there aren't any policies set in place - a spokeswoman says workers know to take precautions. That includes starting work early, drinking lots of water, and taking breaks during the hottest parts of the day.

Baton Rouge EMS tells NBC33 news that five Baton Rouge Police Officers were treated for heat related injuries in the city this afternoon.

All of them are expected to be okay.

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