Back-to-School could mean new vaccines for your child

Monday, July 30, 2012 - 10:19am

The start of a new school year could also mean a required visit to your doctor for the vaccines your child is required to have by law.

"It is so important to get vaccinated to prevent these things. and i think that people think they're safe without having the vaccine because the majority is vaccinated," Angela Ellezy, a pediatric nurse practitioner with Our Lady of the Lake, explained.

So what does your child need? If they're going in to kindergarten you're required by law to have; DTaP, the MMR vaccination, the Polio Vaccine, and the Varicella vaccine.

For the older age group, ages ten to twelve should be getting the TDaP, which is a tetanus booster, and the vaccine for meningococcal, or MCV4 vaccine.

Ellzey said the moment your child enters a classroom, he or she, is more likely to come in to contact with a range of germs.

"Kids in groups are more likely to share the good and the not so good things they come with," Ellezy shared.

The shot can be painful though, so the best way to keep your kids calm and collected is to go to a doctor you and your child know and trust.
Ellezy also advises that you can also give your kids Motrin or Tylenol before heading to the doctor’s office.

"There are lots of things we do as a parent, but it's for the greater good. So a little ouch for a moment to save your child's life," Ellezy added.

There are some exceptions to the vaccine requirements. You will not be forced to vaccinate your child if you have religious beliefs that prevent you from doing so, or if it's against your doctor's orders.

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