2 MS men attacked by flesh eating bacteria in Louisiana waters

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 11:08am

Two Mississippi men are recovering after they were exposed to flesh eating bacteria in Louisiana waters a several weeks ago.

René Olier was on a simple fishing trip, south of Cat Island in Louisiana waters. Today, he's walking into the wound care center at memorial hospital, his right arm amputated at the shoulder.

He was never in the water, just using his hands to pull shrimp out of the live bait well. Something quickly went very wrong very.

"We went fishing early Thursday morning. Friday around 2:00 a.m., I knew I was getting sick, but I didn't know what the problem was."

That problem was Vibrio Vulnificus.

Jocko angle's story is different, but the infection was the same. He was in the water under the Popp's Ferry bridge. A few hours later, his life changed.

"I actually had to be ambulanced in to the ER, had two visits to the ER, one to the VA and then approximately six hours later I went back to the ER."

One year later, his left leg is still twice its normal size, and he's still undergoing treatment. But his leg was saved. Does he feel lucky?

"I wouldn't say lucky; I would say blessed. It was the most painful thing, and these people saved my leg. And I had heard of it, but I never thought it would be me."

Meanwhile, Olier has a message for others.

"A bad day fishing is better than a good day working, but just be real careful, just watch what you do. It could turn out to be a devastating thing."

Losing his arm was devastating, but he knows it could have been worse.

"I'm happy to be alive. It could have really went bad the other way. I'm just real happy to be alive." 

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