Louisiana Politics

House education committee to look at breakaway district

On Tuesday, the House Education Committee will take up the issue of the breakaway school district. The proposed constitiutional ammendment that would create the Southeastern Community School District passed the Senate Floor last week.

Gosnell horror fuels fight for abortion laws

The depraved acts Dr. Kermit Gosnell is accused of committing have sparked a new turn in the nationwide battle over abortion laws.

Senators in standoff over EPA nominee

The top Democrat on the committee considering President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency indicated late Friday she may attempt to break an impasse over the nomination this week.

Budget passes House floor, leaving most satisfied

The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a 92-6 Budget just before 5:00 on Friday Afternoon.

House lawmakers agree on a Budget deal

With four weeks until the end of the legislative session, it looks like Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives have come to an agreement.

Attorney General’s Office wins two Louisiana Supreme Court cases

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell's office has won two cases that were brought to the Louisiana Supreme Court. The two cases heard were State of Louisiana v. Timothy Bazile and State of Louisiana v. Joe Bob Clark.

Budget debate pushed back to Friday on the House floor

 Legislators were scheduled to continue budget talks Thursday, but legislators have decided to push that budget debate back until Friday.

Metro Council approves deal to bring Costco to Baton Rouge

Big savings are coming to Baton Rouge. But even some of Costco's supporters worry that the city is paying too big a price to attract it.

Lawmakers prepare to discuss budget on Thursday

Wednesday legislators on the house side are going to take a look at several bills dealing with Medicaid expansion again.

Proposed ordinance to expand local animal cruelty laws could be tough to enforce

A proposed law would force some local dog owners to change the way they care for their pets. The East Baton Rouge Metro Council will debate an ordinance Wednesday that would prohibit tethering a dog for more than an hour.

Breakaway school district legislation breaks out of Senate, moves to House

Legislation that could affect tens of thousands of East Baton Rouge families is one step closer to becoming reality. Two proposed amendments that would create the breakaway school district have been approved by senators.

Jindal dismisses rumors of local business tax hike

Governor Jindal put the rumor of possible tax increases to rest. The House of Representatives was considering a secret tax plan that would cost local businesses $500 million over four years at a cost of $1.3 billion.

Louisiana State Senate holds Military Family Day to honor fallen soldiers

Senators honored Louisiana's fallen on Tuesday, May 6. Another nine soldiers were added to the list of Louisiana's military that were killed in action.

Senate committee pushes two anti-gun control laws forward

Anti-gun control laws continue to pass out of committee without major issues. A Senate Judiciary Committee decided today to allow through two bills strengthening gun owners’ rights.

Jindal on voucher ruling: ‘We will fund it through the budget’

Today the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the funding for the state’s education voucher program is unconstitutional.