Louisiana Politics

Parents torn over decision to drop Breakaway District efforts

For the second year in a row Senator Bodi White is dropping his fight to create the Southeastern Community School District.

BR breakaway school district amendment dropped by bill’s author

The proposed constitutional amendment needed to create the southeastern breakaway school district in East Baton Rouge Parish is being dropped for this session.

Bill to create statewide debt recovery agency one step closer to passing

A department that could help the government find tens of millions of dollars in revenue is one step closer to becoming a reality. Lawmakers want to tweak just a few more things before they create the Debt Recovery Department.

Representatives reject Senate version of the budget just days before session's end

Louisiana Representatives decided to throw out the budget passed over to them from Senators.

Governor Jindal signs bill cracking down on individuals and business owners fraudulently posing as veterans

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal signed legislation that will help prevent individuals who have never served in the military from dishonoring the service of our veterans and veteran small business owners.

Bill proposing more lenient penalties for marijuana possession passes through committee

Getting caught smoking marijuana could soon carry a smaller fine and little to no jail time. One representative is hoping to get a law passed that makes the penalties for possession of marijuana more lenient.

Mayor Holden considering run for Lt. Governor in 2015

NBC33 News has confirmed EBR Mayor–President Kip Holden is considering running for Lt. Gov in 2015.

Louisiana Representative forms bipartisan Disaster Relief Caucus

A Louisiana U.S. Representative formed a bipartisan Disaster Relief Caucus to streamline the national response to a natural disaster.

Representatives set to discuss final budget

House Representatives are poised to take a look at the budget that was passed over to them by Senators.

Baker residents likely to pay more for city services

The Baker city council has about a week to fix a 21 percent deficit in the 2013-14 budget. Odds are, residents will be asked to fill much of the gap.

Families celebrate 200 new disability services waivers

With budget cuts looming on the horizon, some Louisiana families gained a win. Lawmakers found enough money for New Opportunity Waivers, which provides services to those with developmentally disabled children.

Louisiana citizens rally at Capitol to support affordable solar energy solutions

A group of Louisiana citizens, wearing bright green T-shirts with a message of Vote No on HB 705, rallied at the state capital this morning to show their support for affordable solar energy and their opposition to the amended HB 705.

Senators spend Saturday afternoon debating, passing budget

Senators spent their Saturday afternoon sifting through the billions of dollars it's going to take to keep the state up and running.

Major legislation still set for debate just days before session's end

With just a few days left until the official end of this year’s session lawmakers still have a few big pieces of legislation to take up.

Gov. signs bill to make adopting local children easier, faster

Parents and politicians both believe a newly signed law will mean better lives for hundreds of children every year. Governor Bobby Jindal signed the Louisiana Has Faith in Families Act during a special ceremony Friday.