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20 bills passed by Louisiana Legislature signed into law

Governor Bobby Jindal has signed the following bills passed by the Legislature into law. These additions make the total number of bills signed for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session to 26. HOUSE

Gov. Jindal: Obama's woes flow out of big government philosophy

The latest problems with the IRS witch hunt, the seizure of phone records from The Associated Press, the conflicting Benghazi stories and disastrous attempts to enforce Obamacare may all seem unrelated, but they are not.

Senators continue to comb through the state budget

At the Capitol on Thursday the Senate Finance Committee will continue to comb through the State’s operating budget. The proposed budget was passed over to the Senate from the House more than a week ago.

Breakaway school district bill moves to House floor

In session today, the proposed breakaway school district in East Baton Rouge Parish is moving forward at the Capitol. The Southeastern Community School District would take thousands of students out of EBR Parish schools.

Convicted murderers, rapists, pedophiles now prohibited from food stamp program

A Louisiana Senator is responsible for passing an amendment that will prohibit convicted murderers, rapists, and pedophiles from being able to receive food stamps.

Lawmakers working to help jump start Juban Crossing Development

Thousands of jobs hang in the balance in Livingston Parish as the Juban Crossing Project continues to stall.

Gonzales councilman faces opposition with recall committee

The ‘Recall Gary Lacombe Committee’ met on Monday, May 20, to strategize on the best way to achieve its objective of obtaining the requisite number of signatures to force a recall election of the embattled Gonzales Councilman.

Bill banning social media sites while driving headed to Governor’s desk

A bill banning Louisiana people from visiting social media sites while driving has gained final approval. The bill will now head to Governor Jindal’s desk.

Bill banning smoking on all Louisiana college campuses may become law

Bill banning smoking on all Louisiana college campuses may become law Universities across the state could soon be putting stronger smoke-free policies in place if a proposed law passes through the legislature.

Local Tea Party organization claims the IRS needs to be shut down

Members of the Tea Party Patriots say the IRS needs to be shut down. A handful of people protested outside of the local IRS office.

Planned Parenthood under fire at the Capitol

Thousands of people in Louisiana use Planned Parenthood’s services every year. A group of lawmakers are pushing a resolution to prevent state funds from being used for those services.

Gov. Jindal to Texas Brine: No more excuses about buyout delays

Governor Bobby Jindal issued an ultimatum to Texas Brine on Monday: buy out evacuated residents from their homes, or risk losing every permit the state issued it.

Medicaid expansion bills continue to be defeated at the Capitol

One by one, proposed laws to expand Medicaid are being shot down at the capitol. The latest in the line, Senate Bill 125, died in the Senate Finance committee.

Medicaid expansion up for discussion in Senate Finance

A proposed law that would expand Medicaid and follow what’s termed as the ‘Arkansas Model’ is up for discussion Monday in the Senate Finance Committee.

Jindal: IRS offenses worthy of jail time

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