Louisiana Politics

Attempt to give principals more power shot down

It was an attempt to give school principals more power but it failed. Lawmakers tired to give parents more of a voice for redistricting, and allow principals to make more decisions.

LA Office of Group Benefits losing $17 million per month

Louisiana's Office of Group Benefits, the agency that gets insurance for state workers and retirees, is losing 17 million dollars a month, according to information released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Governor Jindal signs total of 217 bills into law

Thursday, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed several more bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2014 Regular Legislative Session to 217.

Jindal expected to sign controversial abortion bill

CNN — Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign an abortion bill that critics say will greatly restrict women's access to the procedure. The Louisiana Legislature passed the measure on Wednesday.

Local family advocating for raw milk: pushing bill to be passed

 A local family wants to be able to buy and sell raw milk here in Louisiana. Right now, it's against the law.

Bill for higher education funding passes Senate Committee

House Bill 142, introduced by State Treasurer John Kennedy and Representative Dee Richard, passed through the Senate Finance Committee Monday.

Jindal signs 123 bills into law

Governor Bobby Jindal signed several bills passed by the Legislature into law on Friday, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2014 Regular Legislative Session to 123. HOUSE

Local Operation American Spring protesters want to stop Common Core

People continued to protest all across the country to try to stop what they're calling "big government." In Baton Rouge, local protesters rallied on the steps of our Capitol to voice their concerns.

Lawmakers vote 'no' to sexual education in public schools, again

Louisiana children won't be required to have sex education in their schools. Wednesday, lawmakers said no to a plan that would have forced students to take sex education classes.

Metro Council votes to annex mall, 2 hospitals

The Metro Council Wednesday voted to annex Our Lady of the Lake, Baton Rouge General, and the Mall of Louisiana into Baton Rouge so that they are not looped into the proposed city of St. George.

Mayor considers veto of controversial Gonzales city budget

Mayor Barney Arceneaux could decide as early as today to veto the budget approved by the Gonzales City Council.

St. George leaders: "We gotta get those petitions signed"

Leaders of the St. George movement are trying to keep their supporters motivated.

Bill aimed at saving people thousands that use specialty prescription drugs

You probably know someone who takes special medications. It might be someone who has multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer or possibly even HIV and those are just to name a few.

Mall of Louisiana, two hospitals apply for annexation into Baton Rouge

It could mean the end of the St. George incorporation effort.

Poll: St. George residents more concerned with education than incorporation

People who live in the proposed area of St. George would rather have a change in their school system than a change in their address.