Louisiana Politics

Principals say partnerships, not power, needed to improve schools

Local principals say they need help improving their schools. But instead of more power, they want more partnerships.

Baker budget proposal would include reductions to police, fire

Baker cannot afford to keep up its services, so residents may be stuck paying the price.

Gonzales mayor prepares to veto new budget proposal

The Gonzales City Council presented a budget that is just as controversial as the last one. The city has operated without a budget for three weeks, but it could be a lot longer before it has a spending plan in place.

Jindal calls for end of Common Core, LDOE pushes back

Bobby Jindal is calling for the termination of Common Core, saying he wants Louisiana standards, not national standards.

Baker council rejects rate increases for water, sewer

Baker will start its next fiscal year without a budget. City leaders are unable to make the numbers balance, but they rejected a plan to give the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mary Landrieu visits coal plants, opposes new EPA regulations

Louisiana has a lot of coal burning plants that employ a lot of workers, and they keep our energy prices among the lowest in the country.

Former State Representative Melvin Irvin, Jr. passes away

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, former Louisiana State Representative for District 58 and former Ascension Parish School Board President Melvin Irvin, Jr. died at his home in Gonzales, Louisiana after a battle with cancer.

Harsher penalities for out of control people at sporting events

Getting a little worked up at your son or daughter's next game could cost you not only a hefty fine but time behind bars!

Legislative session concludes with no action on biggest issues

State lawmakers can celebrate the fact that they do not have to return to the State Capitol today.

Jindal signs bill allowing teachers to accept small gifts from students

Governor Jindal signed into law House Bill 500, now Act 172, which allows teachers to accept gifts of a maximum value from students and former students. Representative John Berthelot (R-Gonzales) authored the bill.

Legislation to move up LA’s presidential primary headed to Jindal’s desk

BATON ROUGE (NBC33) -- In a display of bipartisan cooperation, the Louisiana House and Senate have sent legislation to the governor to enhance the state's position on the 2016 presidential primary calendar.

Attempt to give principals more power shot down

It was an attempt to give school principals more power but it failed. Lawmakers tired to give parents more of a voice for redistricting, and allow principals to make more decisions.

LA Office of Group Benefits losing $17 million per month

Louisiana's Office of Group Benefits, the agency that gets insurance for state workers and retirees, is losing 17 million dollars a month, according to information released Monday by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Governor Jindal signs total of 217 bills into law

Thursday, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed several more bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2014 Regular Legislative Session to 217.

Jindal expected to sign controversial abortion bill

CNN — Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to sign an abortion bill that critics say will greatly restrict women's access to the procedure. The Louisiana Legislature passed the measure on Wednesday.