Louisiana Politics

Public voices their concern with fiscal budget: not enough funding for disability services

Monday at the State Capitol, legislators heard testimony from the public about Governor Jindal’s budget.

LA auditor investigates Dept of Child & Family Services

Officials of the Department of Children and Family Services, charged with investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect, did not always conduct its child welfare activities according to its own policies, and referred more than 2,600 case

Senator wants better turn out at elections: there should be a higher standard

Lawmakers are enticing voters to head to the polls, one bill at a time and for good reason.

Jindal, LA GOP ask McAllister to step down

United States Congressman Vance McAllister from Louisiana has already apologized for kissing a female staffer in December 2013, but leaders of the Republican Party in Louisiana don’t think that’s enough.

McAllister apology, LA GOP response

UPDATE 4-10-14: The Louisiana Republican Party has released a statement criticizing Vance McAllister and asking him to step down from office.

St. George supporters, opponents lower profile in week after online comments cause outrage

There have been no inflammatory Facebook posts, nor any al-Qaeda similes, but that does not mean supporters or opponents of the proposed city of St. George have stopped working.

Lawmakers on board to get rid of anti-sodomy law from LA law books

Wednesday in session there was a big win for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community. A bill that has created a lot of buzz in our community over the past year passed out of a house committee.

'Each human life has value': Senator hopes to change vehicular homicide sentences

Tuesday, a bill up for discussion in a Senate Committee would base jail sentences on the number of people killed by a person's decision to drive drunk.

New law would have strict penalties for smokers who litter

Tossing a cigarette butt out your window will cost you big time if state lawmakers approve a bill up for discussion at the capitol, in fact, it could also cost you your driver's license.

Judge rules MoveOn's LA Medicaid expansion billboard can stay up

On Monday, a federal judge from the Middle District of Louisiana issued a ruling that will allow MoveOn.org's billboard criticizing Governor Bobby Jindal for denying health care to 242,000 Louisianians to remain standing.

Richard Lee elected mayor of Port Allen, wins over 'Deedy' Slaughter

In the City of Port Allen, La, a majority of voters elected Richard N. Lee III as mayor. Nearly 58 percent of voters cast their ballots in his favor.

Sen. Mack "Bodi" White in tears: response to Councilman Delgado's facebook comment

It’s no secret the proposed City of St. George has sparked a lot of controversy but now things have reached the boiling point.

Judge to rule next week on MoveOn billboard attacking Gov. Jindal

The message of a billboard along Interstate 10 near Port Allen reached all the way to federal court.

Common Core battle continues: House considers bill that would dump standards

At the Louisiana State Capitol the fight over common core continues. The education committee heard some highly controversial bills involving our state's common core standards.