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"Trash Bag Bandit" not so successful

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 8:46am

NORTH MESA, Tx (KTSM)- What happens when you take a trashbag, a big knife and a wheelchair to a jewelry store with bad intentions? Well, of the most outrageous pieces of video you'll ever see. 

Authorities say a woman was ready to rob a jewelry store, surveillance video shows her gearing up in her trashbag disguise just outside the store. 

Authorities say the suspect then took out her 12-inch knife, entered the store and demanded "everything" from the stores owner.

The owner of the store chased the suspect around the store with her stun gun, but that didn't prove to be too difficult because the suspect appeared to be disabled.  The cams outside showed an accomplice waiting for her outside with a wheelchair.

A good Samaritan who was in the store at the time tackled the female suspect to the ground and waited for police to show up.

Both suspects were arrested by police. Nothing was stolen.

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