Holden: "Baton Rouge is not in a crime emergency".

POSTED: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 7:55am

UPDATED: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 2:41pm

BATON ROUGE, La.  (WVLA) - The controversy in City Hall over crime continues.

Mayor President Kip Holden is telling some council members to calm down.

The message comes after head councilman Mike Walker said Baton Rouge was in a "crime emergency”.

Holden says Walker is instilling fear in the city because of that statement.

He says walker's wrong and there's actually a downturn in crime in the Capital City.

The Mayor, along with Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff and EBR Sheriff Six Gautreaux will make a “major announcement” about law enforcement in EBR Thursday. NBC33 will be at the announcement and will have full coverage on-air and online.

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Be men, not boys and do what is best for the citizens and not what is best for your own self serving ego's

When you have crimes being inflicted on citizens by the very law enforcement officials who are placed to "serve and protect" it becomes an EMERGENCY. It is evident that our perceived competent law enforcement officials are not COMPETENT and should step aside for the sake of the citizens of Baton Rouge. Sid and Leduff this is your cue!!!!!! Stand up and admit you are not able to handle your jobs as the head law enforcement officials as you promised in your bids for election.

The Mayor needs to worry about losing his job. The crime has been high for the last 3 years - where has he had his head!!! He doesn't remember the kids that killed the teacher and her mother execution style in their kitchen? - then killed a couple in south Baton Rouge?
Every day there is a shot that rings out and someone is dead. Do we live here to die? Why does the public have to give all the info to Crime Stoppers - Cops know who the gangs are -
Get bush Mayor - it is your department!!!

Crime won't become an emergency situation for Mr.Holden until some of his loved ones are targets like the mother and the young teen that lost their lives here recently.It's going to take more than a new police chief to solve our problems. BR has become the old New Orleans. Two way streets aren't going to make more people go downtown. They need to wake up. We need to get more aggressive in fighting crime and punishment is a joke.

I agree with you, but I was afraid to say it. thanks for writing. My good friend died in Beauregard Town and she would be alive if the animal would not have been let out of prison. Do the cops do a phyc exam on these animals? Oh, I am sorry - maybe that is only on TV! DA!

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