Albany officials crack down on overgrown yards

POSTED: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 7:09am

ALBANY, La (WVLA) --Overgrown lawns are sprouting up in the village of Albany in Livingston Parish.

Officials in the Livingston Parish village say, the tall grass is not only a public nuisance, it's a crime.

And they're ready to enforce it.

Village police will be keeping a close eye on the unweildy weeds.

The main targets are empty fields left unkempt by owners.

If the grass gets above eight inches, the resident gets a letter.

From there, unruly land owners could face a fine of up to $500 or up to 60 days in jail.

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I think they should have a mass revolt in that town of noone mows any grass, anywhere until that stupid ordinance is changed. That would get their panties in a bunch! Then fire all of them in a special election called for by the people by petition. We have let private property rights slip way too far. If you want three foot high grass, it's YOUR yard. You're not hurting anyone with high grass. Gee, what a bunch of silly control-freak power-trippers. Fire them!

I think they should have a mass revolt of no one mows any grass, anywhere in that town until that stupid ordinance is changed. We have let private property rights slip too far already. It's your lawn. If you want three foot high grass, so be it. You are not affecting others with your unkept yard.

When you elect Don Cordell for President in 2012, this kind of abuse will cease. I will take on the politicians all over America and Restore not Change America. I want to review all these type of laws all over the nation. In Palmdale, CA it's against the law to hold religious serviced in a public building without permission. In other area's of America (California and Arizona) it's against the law to hold bible studied in private homes.
Are Americans ready to fignt, or surrender to more abuses?

Cleaning up those properties to prevent grass fires would be something for public officials and employees to do after they've been tossed out of their positions of slobbering@d'public-trough.far2long...

LOL dont want the town to appear bad.. well Bee's and bugs live in brush like this that are very helpful to environment so cuttin on a regular basis just furthers the myth that it is somehow good to keep your lawn cut for appearence.. how silly that we could be facing Carbon Taxes for breathing out Carbon for the sake of the environment but we also get taxed and fines for not cutting brush that is helpful to environment. INFOWARS.COM

That is criminal. If the property owner wants to let the grass grow, it is his GOD GIVEN RIGHT to do so. The government has absolutely NO right to say otherwise.

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