Gun sales set record this month

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 10:21pm

The FBI said the number of people who got background checks to buy guns for December had already broken a record, and that was with several days left in the month.

A steady stream of customers filled Jim's Firearms in Baton Rouge Wednesday, which is customary during hunting season, especially during this better than average duck season.

"Hunters been more excited and coming in purchasing weapons," said Cid Dillard, general manager at Jim's Firearms.

But it's not just those who hunt buying guns. According to the FBI, the number of background checks needed to purchase a gun in December has already broke a record, which was set the month before in November.

"Definitely seen an increase in the number of sales," Dillard said. "Increase in the number of woman and increase in number of hunters."

With rising numbers, many of those customers are women, like Kara Spinks, who was thinking about a piece of her own, as her boyfriend looks to add to his collection.

"Went to shooting range earlier," Spinks said. "Looking to buy maybe a small, compact gun, something like that."

The NRA said the spike is because more people are getting guns for self-defense use.

"I'd have to get a little more confident carrying before i bought my own," Spinks said.

The FBI reports that over one and a half million people received background checks this December.

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