Geismar shooting leaves neighbors shaken

Geismar shooting leaves neighbors shaken
Friday, April 20, 2012 - 5:34pm

"I'm happy, happy, happy to be alive," says Michael Lomas. Michael Lomas hasn't slept in days. That's after bullets narowly missed him during a drive-by shooting in Geismar early Wednesday morning.

"This close from getting me, bullets flying over me twice, both times," says Lomas.

Not everyone was as lucky. The drive-by shooting on the 12000 block of Deck Drive left three injured.

"A van come from down the street. The doors open up and they just started shooting and she come running in the house telling me call the police. That my sister and her boyfriend got shot. And another little boy that was dropping a little boy off across the street had got shot," says Deshana Lomas.

Deshana Lomas was in her bed when the shooting happened. She and neighbors like Joyce Cassard are shaken by all the violence in their neighborhood.

"There was like nine shots rang out. Bam, bam ,bam, bam," says Cassard.

Cassard heard the shots ring out and though the violence in the neighborhood is nothing new.

"I'm not surprised somebody got hurt. It's been escalating," says Cassard.

It still leaves her terrified.

"It's mortifying here because the things that happen here. It's really scary," says Cassard.

And others say they're on their way out.

I got two kids. I'm about to move out 'cause of that," says Carla Stafford.

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