Food truck operators celebrate victory

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 9:10pm

Food truck owners celebrated a victory inside City Hall Wednesday. Many showed up to oppose an ordinance that would've forced them to get written permission before they park on someone's property.

"Seems though it's regulation for the sake of regulation," said food truck owner Nick Hufft.

"You're telling property owners what he has to do to invite people onto his location," said Stephen Edwards, who owns a catering company.

Metro Council members sided with the truck vendors, deleting the item from the agenda completely. The only objection coming from Councilman Rodney Bourgeois, the same one who proposed the regulation.

"this is simply a regulation to try to protect the business owners," Bourgeois said.

Bourgeois refused an offer from the Metro Council to meet with truck operators and work out a solution, a compromise the Council offered before deleting his proposal.

"Doesn't sound like reasonable people to me," Bourgeois said, in reference to the food truck community. "No one ever said, 'we'd like to talk to you about this.'"

Bourgeois said some people who oppose his plan, attacked him through social media. He said that's his reason for not wanting to work on a compromise.

"If you get on the Internet, you'd understand the attitude of these people," Bourgeois said. "How you going to reason with them? What's the point of it?"

But those who own food trucks said they understand that some regulations are needed, and that they're willing to work on a compromise with the council.

"We understand that there's no laws, so let's go ahead and create some and some ordinance and we can work hand and hand with that," said Hufft, in regards to working with the Council on future issues.

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