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POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 3:00pm

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Barry Sonnenfeld talks about directing one actor playing another actor in "Men in Black 3". This Will Smith sci-fi sequel replaces longtime partner Tommy Lee Jones with a newer model. Josh Brolin plays Jones circa 1969. Will Smith's Agent J has to travel back in time to save his partner from alien assassination and receives help from the target himself.

John Goodman shares a secret in "Paranorman." He's one of many actors to lend his voice to this stop-motion animated tale. In it, a boy who talks to people from beyond the grave must use his gift to thwart an old curse and prevent his town from being overrun by the undead.

Tom Hardy explores the role of an American bootlegger in "Lawless." He plays Forrest Bondurant, the head of a Virginia family running moonshine during prohibition. But when a crooked cop threatens hardy's family, he and his brothers fight back to keep the wheels of commerce freely lubricated.

Jordin Sparks talks about Whitney Houston's first - and last movie roles - in "Sparkle." Sparks plays one of three talented daughters growing up in the Motown 60's. But their overprotective mom, played by the late Miss Houston, urges them to choose the path of humility over fame.

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