'End of the world' parties draw large crowds

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Friday, December 21, 2012 - 11:00pm

Conspiracy theorists lost another wager when the world failed to end Friday, but local bars ended up being big winners.

A handful of bars held apocalypse parties in honor of the idea that the world would end on the last day of the Mayan calendar.

"This has been a great night for us so far as a business," said Luke Betts, co-owner of The Londoner. "We've had a great day all day long. The evening started early. We've only got two hours left, and we've still got people coming through the door. So, it may be bad for some of us, but the end of the world apparently is good for us here at The Londoner in Baton Rouge."

Most of the people who went out to celebrate just wanted a fun excuse to enjoy a Friday night, as opposed to one last celebration before the end of humanity.

"If they're still believing it's the end of the world now," Betts said, "they've been having too much of a good time all day long."

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