Lafayette residents team up to build community garden near downtown

KADN Staff
33 In the Garden
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 11:28am

Residents in two historic neighborhoods near Downtown Lafayette had a busy weekend. Near the corner of Vermilion and Garfield Streets, volunteers and future gardners from the Freetown/Port Rico neighborhood were working hard to build raised plot of garden beds.

The unused City of Lafayette property will now be a community garden with vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants. There are many reasons for this positive addition.

Like beautifying the area, the sharing of the crops from the garden, helping the people of the area to unite for a better Lafayette. And there are other win win situations from this neighborhood garden.

"You know there is research that would suggest that a community garden can alleviate or lessen crime in a neighborhood. It gets people together and the neighbors come out. It becomes a joint effort and then everyone is taking part in something and giving back to their community. So they are investing again in themselves, neighbors, and community." said Marla Kristicevich.

"It's really exciting because it's not one entity, it's not one person, it's hundreds of people that want to see this happen. The benefit is for the entire community." said Emily Neustrom.

After the initial start up help from the City of Lafayette planning, now other funds to improve the Freetown/Port Rico garden project are being raised to add shade structure and benches for a complete community garden...If you would like to donate then go online to

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