Legal Briefs for February 17, 2009

POSTED: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 - 3:26pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:57pm

In Tennessee a man is accused of hiding drugs in his baby’s diaper bag. 25-year-old Brandon Landrum dropped off his 7-month-old at the Brighton Baptist Church Nursery while attending services. While changing the baby’s diaper, a worker found an ounce of marijuana hidden in the child’s bag and called police. Landrum is now charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

An elderly Ohio man who feared his wife and water died after apparently spending too much time with both. Surveillance video shows Chris Mason in the two-piece bathing suit, dragging her husband, James, thru the water. Joseph A. Stehlik with Middlefield Police Department says, “I think the video speaks volumes for the cruelty that you will see. It’s a fairly sinister appearing video.” For 100 minutes, the 40-year-old wife dunks her 73-year-old husband repeatedly under the water and prevents him from escaping the pool. Finally James Mason has a heart attack. “Mr. Mason was very afraid of water, so afraid of water he’d seldom bathe, did not exercise, had health problems.” The case gets even stranger. Mason’s wife Chris used to be a man known as John Vallandingham and actually lived for a while I the same house with Mason as a boy. “It does make it one of the oddest ones I’ve seen. I was thinking about that even today. There are some that are very unique but this one rises probably to the top.” She now faces up to 5 years in prison.

Another Ohio man is suspected of holding a woman captive in handcuffs and an adult diaper. Police say troy Brisport kidnapped Shykea Boykin and held her prisoner in his Toledo apartment for three days where he repeatedly read bible verses to her. Officers say 34-year-old Brisport picked Boykin up in a bar and drove her to his apartment. When she fell asleep he handcuffed her wrists and ankles, took her clothes off, and put her in an adult diaper then began giving her spiritual lessons from the Bible. Boykin finally escaped from Brisport’s apartment when he fell asleep. Brisport has been charged with kidnapping and felonious assault.