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POSTED: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 2:00pm

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Summer movies tend to be big, splashy blockbusters aimed at the young male audience.

But there was one feature that opened Hollywood's eyes to the power of female filmgoers last June, and it didn't involve vampires.

Channing Tatum wears many hats, but not much else in "Magic Mike." He plays an exotic dancer who dreams of something more in this autobiographical flick. When one of the young dancers he's tutoring gets a visit from an overprotective big sister, Mike may just find the magic he's been looking for.

A novelist describes his book store inspiration for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Seth Grahame Smith cooked up a supernatural backstory for our 16th president, and producer Tim Burton turned it into a movie. It takes place before the Great Emancipator becomes president, when he's just a simple guy killing vampires with an axe.

Madea finds her heart in her wallet in "Madea's Witness Protection." In this chapter, Tyler Perry's pistol-packing granny takes in a Wall Street banker's family wanted by the mafia. Eugene levy's been set up as the fall guy for bank fraud, but life with the no-nonsense Madea may be just what his failing family needs.

Steve Carrell with Kiera Knightley is a sign of the apocalypse in "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World." The Earth is about to be destroyed by a giant asteroid, kicking-off a frenzy of looting and partying. Carrell, however, does not give in to animal instincts, instead asking his flighty neighbor to help him find an old girlfriend.

Also out this week, a 30th Anniversary Edition of the sci-fi classic "Blade Runner."

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