LSU expert on Edgar Allan Poe shares his thoughts on ‘The Raven’

LSU expert on Edgar Allan Poe shares his thoughts on ‘The Raven’
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POSTED: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 7:00pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 7:04pm

Hollywood loves to take the classics and turn them into full scale spectacles. “The Raven” is the latest of such adaptations. The fictional reinterpretation takes on Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tell-Tale Heart,” and although class is out, LSU students got a chance to check out the film with a Poe expert.

LSU Boyd Professor of English and Edgar Allan Poe expert Gerald Kennedy took his senior-level English class, which focuses on “Poe’s War on Terror,” to see the film. Staring John Cusack, the film is a suspense-thriller that is as dark as it is vivid.

“It’s reasonably entertaining although I found many problems with,” Kennedy says in an interview discussing his opinions on the film. “This is a movie that is obviously created by contemporary film makers…

“It seems to me that watching all the trailers where the movie started with all the people are getting blown up, torn up, and shot to pieces - that was the perfect preparation for this movie,” Kennedy adds with a smile. “One of the things that you discover in this film right away is that it’s incredibly gory. True, there are is a lot of violence in Poe or at least there are some disgusting images. But Poe doesn’t spend the entire story wallowing in them.”

You can watch Professor Kennedy’s entire review of the film by clicking here.

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