Bicentennial celebrations could bring in big bucks

Bicentennial celebrations could bring in big bucks
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POSTED: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 3:48pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 2:03pm

"It's been craazy because we've really, really been busy," says Paul Lockett.

Business is booming for Paul Lockett. He owns a company that provides event staffing for festivals here in Baton Rouge. Because of events like this weekend's bicentennial celebration, he's had to increase his staff.

"Recently we've just hired about 50 to 60 people. Generally, this time of year,we don't hire that many people," says Lockett.

"This is a huge weekend for Baton Rouge," says Paul Arrigo.

Arrigo is the president and C.E.O. of Visit Baton Rouge. He says festivals like this weekend's bicentennial celebration are good for all types of businesses, especillay hotels, resaurants and bars and he believes they could reap some huge rewards.

"It''s two fold. One, those people who are in town, right now, celebrating the event. But also [it's] those who will come in town for an event. We're talking about potential in the millions," says Arrigo.

And if these visitors like what they see, Arrigo says they'll probably come back and spend more of their hard earned cash right here in the Capitol City. And this could mean even more jobs at local businesses for Baton Rouge citizens.

"It's been really good for everybody because most of the people have been working a substantial number of hours. It's been good for everybody. The bottom line is about putting people back to work," says Lockett.

For a full list of bicentennial events, click here.

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