New company drives in from SXSW for special demo at Happy’s Running Club tonight

New company drives in from SXSW for special demo at Happy’s Running Club tonight
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POSTED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 4:11pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 4:39pm

Some special guests will attend the Happy’s Running Club, a weekly recreational running group, in downtown Baton Rouge tonight, Tuesday, March 13.

The founders of RecBob are driving in to show off a new app that hopes to revolutionize a very specific form of group communications.

“The app is designed for team sports,” Wendy Overton, local entrepreneur who is riding along with RecBob during their journey, explained. “A lot of team managers spend their time calling all the different members of the team for various reasons. This app simplifies that process.

“It uses automated messaging and asks them to check in,” she adds. “It’s an easy way to manage the roster. It’s like having a virtual friend who will make all the calls for you.”

The RecBob team is driving in after spending a week at South by South West in Austin, Texas, which is an annual two-week film, digital media and music festival focused on the latest and greatest things happening in the entertainment industry. RecBob was just one of the thousands of companies that pushed its product and the story of individual passion that lead to that point.

“What they are doing is really inspirational,” Overton says.

RecBob got its start during a Pitch Night in Iowa City back in January 2012. Although RecBob didn’t take home first prize, it did gain a great deal of attention; enough so to convince the creators that it was time to throw in all the chips.

“They quit their jobs, formed the company and drove down to South by South West,” Overton says. “Once they leave Baton Rouge, they’ll go down to New Orleans for Entrepreneur Ship Week.”

RecBob will give a demonstration of the app at 6:00 p.m. It will happen in conjunction with the Happy’s Running Club, which meets at Happy’s Irish Pub located on Third Street.

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