Easter seafood rush

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POSTED: Friday, April 6, 2012 - 11:00pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 9, 2012 - 10:13am

For people like Annie Turner and her grandkids J'sien and Faith Smith. Buying seafood for Easter is a family tradition.

Right now crawfish season is kicking into high gear. Local seafood venders like Tony's Seafood in Baton Rouge are prepared for big crowds.

Last year cooler winter temperatures made most of the mudbugs shrink, and the cost of crawfish skyrocket. That's not a problem this year, said Bill Pizzolato with Tony's Seafood.

"Since we had a mild winter prices are down 20 to 30 cents a pound from what they were last year this time, " said Pizzolato.

Still fans say no matter how much the crustaceans cost they have to have it on their holiday table.

" When my mom called to see how much they were she was like $3.29 a pound that's high," said seafood buyer Jennifer Jeffus. "But, I was like oh no we are going get them "

After Easter fresh crops from the Atchafalaya Basin will come in replenishing sellers stocks. The more crawfish sellers get the lower the prices.

"After Lent the crawfish season really starts to blossom," said Pizzolato. "As prices on crawfish come down you sell more and more crawfish throughout until we go through June and July. "

No matter how you plan to peel them.

"Crack the head," said Faith Smith.

"Take the tail and eat the other stuff," said J'Sien Smith.

Seafood lovers say just make sure the crawfish are from Louisiana.

"I think it's the best seafood you can get," said Jeffus. "If you don't support it then you won't have it."

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