‘We Are Cajun’ hopes to show a broader reality of Cajun culture

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Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 3:32pm

Who are the Cajun's of today? That's the question Louisiana documentary maker Allen Clements set out to answer in his latest film.

"’We Are Cajun’ is going to be a film, I am starting to now say, is just going to set the record straight about what it means to be Cajun," Clements explained.

Born and raised in south Louisiana, Clements is looking to change the idea of how the rest of the country views the Cajun culture.

"It's also going to be different from a lot of television today, like ‘Swamp People’ in that it's not going to be a one-sided view of what the media has tended to say Cajuns are," he added.

To achieve the wider perspective Clements' already interviewed publishers, priests and musicians. But he's looking for more.

"I want to interview people who have made great innovations in technology, who happen to be Cajun,” he said. “And people that are, again, all walks of life. Bankers, lawyers, but also crawfishermen and all that, too."

But he can't make the movie alone. He's still looking for funding through a kick starter campaign that allows people to contribute any amount of money to the project.

"That they will contribute $1 or $10 or more for a reward, but also just to make a film about themselves, and the culture and what it means to be Cajun,” he said. “The Cajun people have protected their culture in a way no other culture in America has."

Click here to find the Kickstarter account as well as more information about the project.  

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