Dow Chemical Cuts Jobs

POSTED: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - 5:52pm

There could be job cuts on the way at the Dow Chemical Plant in Plaquemine. The company has announced it'll slash jobs and close facilities worldwide.

The company won't say how many jobs could be cut in Plaquemine. They're only announcing the job cuts and closures, but the Michigan based company won't say who's on the chopping block. But people in our area are concerned.

Dow will cut 5,000 full time jobs and close 20 facilities. In addition, they'll temporarily idle 180 plants and 6,000 additional jobs. Folks are concerned. The Plaquemine Mayor and Chamber of Commerce don't want to comment until they know more, but say any cuts to the Plaquemine facility could be devastating to the economy there.

Gerald Johnson has friends and family who work for Dow and is concerned for the economy. "They uncertain, they don't know if they gonna be the next one to be laid off."

The company cites the national economic downturn as the basis for its decision. The company will start laying people off and shutting down facilities in January. The 11% cut to the company's workforce will save Dow an estimated $700 million.

Many are concerned about what other impacts the cuts at Dow may have on our area. Ricky, who is concerned about the economy, says, "I don't know. You put your faith in companies like that and they shut down. People should work for themselves more often. Yeah, it's sad."

Company officials say they're going to run the company differently to make it more efficient. Dow officials won't talk about the cuts yet, saying they can't say where the cuts will come from. The Plaquemine facility employs 3,000 people.