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Car sales make a strong comeback in 2013

The auto industry topped 15 million vehicles in a year for the first time since 2007, and even a disappointing December couldn't tarnish the improvement.

Blogger: Google Glass is 'doomed' -- for now

A noted tech journalist and early adopter of Google's Glass headset is declaring the technology "doomed," at least for 2014.

Smaller seats ... and other predictions for air travel in 2014

It's unlikely commercial aviation stories in 2014 will surpass those of 2013 for pizzazz or significance. This is probably a good thing.

Counterfeit prescription drugs sales soared to $75 billion last year with many fakes ending up in the medicine cabinet

Are you one of the millions who look to buy cheaper medications from online pharmacies?

How hackers can steal your credit card info

The holiday season means shopping at several retailers for many people, but how safe are you when you swipe your card? Many Grinch-like hackers could literally steal Christmas. But there’s a group that can help.

FDA's New Rule Challanges Effectiveness of Soap

The Food and Drug Administration published a blog post today, saying there is currently no evidence that using antibacterial soaps and body washes are more effective than plain soap and water

FDA recalls thousands of defibrillators

The FDA is sending out a warning. If you own certain types of defibrillators, be careful because they may not work in case of an emergency.

Cyber Monday serves up travel deals

Hate to stand in long lines on Black Friday? After getting your fill of Thanksgiving turkey, go online instead. Cyber Monday, December 2, isn't just for toys and electronics.

DEMCO warns of utility scams taking place in LA

DEMCO has sent a warning to Co-op members and area residents regarding a utility scam currently taking place.

BR Area Chamber promotes Small Business Saturday

When you’re done navigating the bustling crowds at major retail chains on Black Friday, enjoy the slower pace of shopping at local small businesses the following Saturday.

12 national retailers in BR that are closed for Thanksgiving

A recent YouGov/Huffington report revealed that 80 percent of those surveyed this month say they will not be shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

McDonald's new order: a third drive-thru window

It looks like two drive-thru windows are not enough to keep burgers and fries at McDonald's coming in an orderly fashion. The fast-food restaurant announced it will add a third.

Long-term Pill use may double glaucoma risk

  Women who used birth control pills for three years or more have twice the risk of developing glaucoma later in life, according to new research.

New Study Shows Statewide Support for Law to End Predatory Practices on Consumers

Baton Rouge, LA. –According to a new AARP survey, a majority of Louisianans believe it is important to strengthen consumer protection laws to prohibit excessive annual interest rates for payday loans.

SCAM ALERT: Septic tank emptying scammers target elderly

Detectives with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Elderly Abuse Protection Unit are investigating a possible scam that was reported on November 6.