Consumer Alert

French Settlement experiences break in main water line, precautionary boil advisory

UPDATE: The French Settlement Water Company lifted the boil advisory just after 9:45 Saturday night.

Five things you'll pay more and less for in 2014

From the grocery store to the house for sale on your block, prices are on the move this year. But it's not all bad news. Here are some things you'll pay less for in 2014.

Consumer Alert: 25K bike brakes recalled

More than 25K bike brakes are being recalled because they can "fail." The company Sram is recalling hydraulic road rim brakes and hydraulic road disc brakes.

Boiler Alert: recall of 26K home heaters

There’s warning out regarding a deadly danger from something you may be using in your home. U.S. Boiler is recalling 26K of their home heating boilers.

LA Attorney General warns of new email scam

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell sent out a public warning of a new email scam that tells recipients that they need to appear in court for “illegal software usage.”

Cold presents risk to cell phones

The cold can be dangerous for people and pets, but you might not know it can also damage your smart phone. The folks at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Pasadena, Maryland see a lot more damaged cell phones when the weather gets cold.

BlackBerry sues Ryan Seacrest startup Typo

BlackBerry has found itself a new adversary: TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest.

Car sales make a strong comeback in 2013

The auto industry topped 15 million vehicles in a year for the first time since 2007, and even a disappointing December couldn't tarnish the improvement.

Blogger: Google Glass is 'doomed' -- for now

A noted tech journalist and early adopter of Google's Glass headset is declaring the technology "doomed," at least for 2014.

Smaller seats ... and other predictions for air travel in 2014

It's unlikely commercial aviation stories in 2014 will surpass those of 2013 for pizzazz or significance. This is probably a good thing.

Counterfeit prescription drugs sales soared to $75 billion last year with many fakes ending up in the medicine cabinet

Are you one of the millions who look to buy cheaper medications from online pharmacies?

How hackers can steal your credit card info

The holiday season means shopping at several retailers for many people, but how safe are you when you swipe your card? Many Grinch-like hackers could literally steal Christmas. But there’s a group that can help.

FDA's New Rule Challanges Effectiveness of Soap

The Food and Drug Administration published a blog post today, saying there is currently no evidence that using antibacterial soaps and body washes are more effective than plain soap and water

FDA recalls thousands of defibrillators

The FDA is sending out a warning. If you own certain types of defibrillators, be careful because they may not work in case of an emergency.

Cyber Monday serves up travel deals

Hate to stand in long lines on Black Friday? After getting your fill of Thanksgiving turkey, go online instead. Cyber Monday, December 2, isn't just for toys and electronics.