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Louisiana is 2nd most expensive state to own a car

Louisiana is the second most expensive state to own a car, and our drivers are paying more than almost anyone else, just for the luxury!

Indiana woman loses $150K in online dating scam

An Indiana woman is out almost $150,000 after falling for what she calls an online dating scam.

Fruit recall affects Costco, Trader Joe's, Walmart stores

Jacque Wilson- CNN (CNN) — If you've picked up fruit at Costco, Trader Joe's or Walmart stores recently, keep reading.

BBB of Acadiana alerts public to shady business practices

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is alerting the public to a company that has multiple complaints alleging they received paid orders for uniforms, but delivered nothing more than broken promises.

Research shows teens drive most dangerous used cars

Research from a highway safety group shows the people who need to be driving the safest cars, are actually driving the most dangerous ones.

MidSouth Bank warns of latest debit, credit card scam

MidSouth Bank is warning the public of a new phone scam from an automated caller. Thus far, the majority of reports to the bank are from non-customers in South Louisiana who are receiving a call from (877) 886-1996 and (877) 635-0049.

Foster Farms recalls dozens of chicken products due to potential salmonella

Dozens of Foster Farms chicken products have been recalled because of a salmonella contamination.

Apple introduces new, cheaper iMac

By Jose Pagliery NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Apple's newest iMac comes with something that's arguably even nicer than a faster processor and more memory: A more affordable price tag.

CDC promotes new pill for HIV prevention

Right now, the Centers for Disease Control is promoting a pill they say could eventually end the spread of HIV.

Heartbleed Part 2: The handshake bug

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The safety feature keeping your Web communication private -- the same one recently affected by the nasty Heartbleed bug -- has even more problems. You can call this one the "handshake bug."

Disaster Scams: State officials say watch out for scammers this hurricane season

Hurricane season is here, but it's also the season for scammers.

6th child dies while using popular infant recliner

Harrisburg, PA (WPMT) -- It's every parent's worst nightmare.

America's growing housing affordability gap

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- When it comes to buying a home, America's affordability gap is growing ever wider.

Sunlamps and tanning beds get FDA warning

(CNN) -- The Food and Drug Administration has issued a final decision to reclassify sunlamp products and ultraviolet or UV lamps used in indoor tanning salons.

Find out how cheap food is making Americans more overweight

(CNN) -- Forget everything you know about what's making us fat.