Consumer Alert

Toyota recalling 200,000 FJ Cruisers for seatbelt issue

Toyota Motor Co. is recalling about 209,000 FJ Cruiser vehicles because mountings for the driver and front passenger seatbelts could become loose.

Honda recalling 180,000 vehicles for brake problem

Honda is recalling over 180,000 vehicles in the United States, almost 250,000 worldwide, for a problem that could cause the car to brake when the driver isn't pressing the brake pedal.

Thousands to have delayed tax returns due to H&R Block error

Hundreds of thousands of people who filed tax returns with H&R Block may have some trouble getting their returns. The tax preparer admits it made a mistake related to form 88-63 for the Educational Tax Credit.

Nissan recalling vehicles due to airbag manufacture

Nissan is recalling five of its 2013 models in the U.S. due to problems with the front passenger seat airbag. A malfunctioning sensor can permanently turn off the air bag.

SCAM ALERT: Officials warn about fake driver’s license renewal site

Officials are warning Louisiana residents about a possible online scam regarding driver’s license renewals.

FDA issues warning concerning popular Z-Pak antibiotic

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a new warning about one of the most popular antibiotics in the United States.

Subaru recalling almost 50,000 'zombie' cars

The Japanese automaker Subaru is recalling nearly 50,000 zombie-vehicles because they run the risk of starting themselves, without human intervention.

RECALL: Special K Red Berries cereal could have glass inside packaging

Kellogg's is recalling some of its Special K cereal due to possible glass inside the packaging. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, the Ohio-based company announced a recall of three different size boxes of its Special K Red Berries cereal.

Winchester recalls ammunition due to incorrect propellant

Winchester has recalled some of their ammunition after the company discovered it may contain incorrect propellant.

Toyota recalls 1 million cars in the U.S.

Fresh from reclaiming its crown as the world's largest automaker, Toyota has been hit by another major recall.

Using a credit card? Watch out for the 'checkout fee'

You might want to think twice before whipping out your credit card. As of Sunday, stores in most states could start charging you a "checkout fee" when you pay for something with plastic.

Hog Head cheese recalled due to possible Salmonella contamination

A Texas company announced it is recalling 4,700 pounds of hog head cheese that may be contaminated with Salmonella. Some of the products were shipped to Louisiana.

Frozen pizza line recalled due to possible metal fragments in crust

A line of frozen pizzas is being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer due to a possible foreign matter contamination.

GM recalling 55,000 vehicles

GM is recalling nearly 55,000 SUVs, trucks and vans. The vehicles are 2012 models; these vehicles may have a broken lock cable or issues with the steering column. The flaw could cause your car to slip out of park.

Subaru recalls 630,000 vehicles for fire risk

Subaru of America is recalling more than 630,000 vehicles because water could get into lights on the side mirrors, possibly leading to a fire.