Drug testing guidelines reworked

Drug testing guidelines reworked
Monday, October 25, 2010 - 10:52pm

CENTRAL, La (WVLA) -- There are new guidelines in place for the drug testing policy and this time, parents and students can get behind them. The Central school board ruled to create a committee of parents, students, and some school officials to choose the right hair sampling vendor. That vendor will have to be screened by the committee and approved by the board before any testing is done. Member want to make sure that everyone will be happy with this decision.

You'll remember the hair sampling policy caused some controversy. Parents were concerned the testing was too intrusive and female students were upset about the amount of hair needed for the test, however, many say this is a needed measure in the school system.

"I think most parents who have a concern for their children are going to approve of whatever means it takes," says incoming school board member Roxanne Atkinson. "It's not that invasive if its done correctly, which is one of the reasons they're trying to choose a vendor they can trust."

School board members hope to pick a vendor by the start of the year. They will hold a meeting in the spring with parents and students to make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect with the drug testing policy. Urine testing is in place while the proper vendor is chosen.

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