BR Lagniappe

Back to school safety

Collete Desselles from Lean On Me, Inc. talks about back to school safety. Her event held on September 3, will give people free medical screenings including HIV testing and pregnancy tests.

Baton Rouge Symphony celebrates Louisiana's birthday

David Torns talks about the 2011-2012 Baton Rouge Symphony which will celebrate the 200th birthday of Louisiana. You visit the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra website for more information.

Ways to boost your immune system

Lyell Turner talks about ways to boost your immune system. With the change in weather coming up, you should eat healthy, take vitamins, and get your flu shot before you get sick.

DEQ provides tips for better air quality

The Department of Environment Quality is holding a workshop to teach people about the proper ways to burn debris on your property.

A running club like no other

Running isn’t typically associated with being a “social” event, but that’s exactly the purpose of the Happy’s Running Club.

Help kids with 'Casa's for CASA'

Imagine being a child living in a home of neglect or abuse. Who will stand up for your rights? That’s exactly the goal of the CASA organization. The non-profit group is devoted to being a voice for the voiceless.

Swine Palace and Playmakers team up for 'Godspell'

LSU’s Swine Palace Theatre has teamed up with Playmakers of Baton Rouge to put on a production of the musical “Godspell.” Director Anthony McMurray explains why the actors greeted him at rehearsals by calling him “Jesus.

Artist Matt Morris previews new BR Gallery exhibit

Local artist Matt Morris takes a hybrid approach to his unique form of art. He combines photography with painting, blending the two seamlessly.

24-hour bike ride to raise funds for kids in Africa

Barton Pickens is a part of the One for the Orphan organization that works to raise money to help kids in Africa. On August 12-13, he will participate in a 24-hour fundraiser. That’s set to be held at BREC park around the LSU Lakes.

Children's Cup works to give African kids education

Dan Ohlerking explains the work that Children’s Cup, a non-profit organization based out of Prairieville, does to help children in Africa.