Food Safety a Concern in Summertime Heat

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 2:39pm

Beth Reames with LSU Ag Center came on BRL to share some tips on summertime food safety.  Reames said that when  bringing foods outdoors like for picnics, use clean preparation techniques and keep things cool by carrying foods in insulated containers.  Reams said that the cold foods must be kept at temperatures of 40 degrees or below.  Reames said that another cause of concern is cross contamination caused by usign cutting boards to cut meat, or usign utensils or plates to put uncooked meats on and then grilling the meats and putting htem back on the same plate/cutting board.  Reams also said that another mistake people often do is using the marinade sauce used to marinate the uncooked meat in on cooked meats . Reams advised that it is necessary to boil this marinade before consuming . For more tips and information on Food Safety, visit or call (225) 578-4161.   

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