Obama's approval ratings falls

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 6:38pm

President Barack Obama faces his lowest marks ever when it comes to economic policies. This is according to a new poll, which shows 56% of Americans as being displeased with the way President Obama handles the economy.

The nation's unemployment rate sits at 10% and the majority of Americans polled think the economy has gotten worse since President Obama took office.

"One of the major factors that drives popularity of a president are economic conditions," says political expert Robert Hogan.

Locally, residents are divided on the issue.

"We can't keep blaming the bush administration. It's time to move forward and we haven't done that as a nation," says Baton Rouge resident, Wanda Rhodus.

Other people think President Obama came into office with too much on his plate. They want to give him more time to turn the economy around. "he's trying to fix it the best way he knows how. He's not a miracle worker, " says Donnie Moore.

Still, political experts say it doesn't look like the economy will take a turn for the better anytime soon, and that could be bad news for President Obama's political party. The Democrats may lose some of their seats in Congress during the mid-term elections, but some locals believe a change in the majority may not fix the nation's problems.

"Republican or democrat, its not going to fix it. We need to unite and work together."

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