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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 12:56pm

Your site looks perfect after hours of work.  You have great content, a spectacular product and have signed up for all the social media sites to promote your product.  Time passes and you’re not getting the traffic you hoped for.  Your keywords are ranking high but compared to search volume you’re not getting click throughs. You feel like giving up. Instead of doing this, let's take some time to examine what could be wrong.  One of the most important things to examine is how well you have done at optimizing your site for visitors not just search engines.   Is there something you can do to make it more likely that potential customers will click your links?  The answer is a big "yes".

One of the most important ways to get people to click on site in search results or on your links is to make sure the link is available to your target audience.  You can have a hundred links for your parenting product out there, but if the link is on sites that do not have a great number of parents visiting or aren’t showing up for the right keyword phrases in search engines, people are not going to click.  Think about the times you have visited a site and an ad popped up that had nothing to do with what you were seeking.  It is likely you felt annoyed rather than an urge to click.  

Another necessary thing to consider is the size of the sites where your links appear or the search volume of the keywords you’re trying to rank for.  You want to find sites that have authority and a large number of visitors as well as keywords that have moderate search volume.  If your links are averaging a two percent click-through rate and you have the link on sites that have one hundred hits a day or one thousand hits per day, that is either two or twenty clicks.  You have a greater chance of sales from the twenty clicks. This is similar to focusing on keywords that have thousands of monthly searches vs. hundreds of thousands of monthly searches.

Today's marketers also realize they need a strong social presence in order for potential customers to get an idea that they are trustworthy.  People will instinctively click more on links that are from someone they know than on a link from someone they know nothing about.  
Building up that trust on social media takes time and effort, but it can lead to a greater number of clicks.

More links, proper keyword research, high ranking sites, big social media presence--how can anyone have time for all this?  While it can be done, it leaves very little time for maintaining your website, creating more products or spending time with family.  It’s necessary, but maybe you do not have the time or knowledge to do this properly.  That is where it can be worth the money to invest in a link building service or SEO marketing company.

Taking time research what various services offer will go a long way toward success.  Find one that offers, at minimum, the above services
including quality types of link building strategies.  If you can find one that offers more, you will do very well.  One thing to look for is a service that will tailor their plan to your particular needs and analyze results to make changes accordingly.

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