Unlucky Cars, Meet Mother Nature

Unlucky Cars, Meet Mother Nature

POSTED: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 8:34am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 4:47pm

Toothy chainsaws, high winds and loose roots can lead to trees falling at inopportune times, and hapless vehicles sometimes bear the brunt of this lumber. Luckily for fans of crazy everyday occurrences, civil journalists have a place to post their juicy footage — YouTube. Each video of a tree falling on a car serves as a reminder to insure our vehicles. Having your car smashed is bad enough, but having to pay out of pocket for a new one is downright awful. Save yourself the trouble of scrambling for cash or taking out a loan online and find coverage that works for you. Here's proof that it's worth it:

In a perfect world, trees would only fall on cars when we intended. Oxford fire & rescue workers sacrificed this red hatchback in the name of safety, and both the tree and the car received an extravagant death. This chainsaw operator scored a direct hit with this fall and his job choice. When was the last time you got paid to smash trees into cars? 

Cutting down a tree must be easy, right? This family must have thought so. This tree looks determined to inflict as much damage on the nearby pickup truck as possible. It could have just as easily swayed the other direction, but we would have missed out on a chance to see this mom "flipping out" — for good reason, if you ask me. Maybe next time this family will heed the uploader's advice and hire a professional. 

This poor guy must have thought he was well out of the way of this tall timber, but his nudge sent the tree on a direct line to the only dangerous area in frame. It must be demoralizing to fall a tree into your own vehicle, especially when the camera operator lined up as if he or she knew it was coming. A YouTube user reminded the man that "stuff" happens in the comment section, but that's easy to swallow while you're watching somebody else's car get crushed from the comfort of your home. 

We don't see the fall, but this aftermath video has an artistic quality to it. A distinct blue video lays crushed in the center of the frame, surrounded by beautiful greenery. The poetry doesn't stop there, though. A tepid, foreign voice narrates the footage as a cheerful child runs to play at the scene of the crime — joy and grief all wrapped into an 11 second video. 

A tree falling on a stationary car is one thing, but crashing into a moving car is whole new level of unusual. Maybe the police officer locked up this tree's cousin, or maybe it's just bad luck, but you have to feel for this cruiser. A second earlier or later and the car avoids that tree branch and continues on, but today wasn't its lucky day. Luckily, no one was hurt, so this car's loss is the Internet's gain.

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