Five ways nurses enrich our lives


POSTED: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 12:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 11:15am

Nurses become some of the most important people in the lives of those that are sick or injured and in the family members of a sick or injured person. Nurses are the backbone to hospitals and medical practices as they take care of patients and go beyond the call of duty. Each day they slip into their nursing scrubs, look in the mirror and get ready to face whatever task big or small the day holds for them. Nurses enrich our lives in these basic, but very important five ways.

Empathy and Compassion
Patients and their family members are often scared and feel helpless. Nurses are there to soothe their pain and talk them through each step of what is to be expected and what is going on, what medications they are taking, and assuring them about the situation. Nurses give us the empathy and compassion we crave in scary situations. They take the time out of their busy schedules to touch our lives when we are in an unfamiliar world.

Medical Knowledge
Nurses aren't just the people that take your blood, hold your hand and check your charts in their colorful nursing scrubs. They know about your medications and procedures, and can answer any questions regarding the jargon you might not understand. Nurses are always on top of the curve when it comes to learning the latest medical techniques and knowing all about any of your treatments. They can help us understand what is going on with our loved ones or ourselves.

A Forever Presence
Many nurses don't leave your life once you leave the hospital. Nurses become a huge part of our lives when we are feeling scared, are in pain or going through an unfamiliar ordeal. They enrich our lives by being at hospital reunions and always remembering the patient. Nurses don't just fade away forgetting about each patient because each patient is very important to them.

Double Time As Teachers
Nurses aren't just nurses, they are also teachers. They teach us when we are scared and helpless how to react and reach out to try to soothe the pain. Nurses see good and bad things happen with patients every day. They deal with every type of personality so they know how to help us in bad situations. Nurses can teach us compassion simply by doing their job. Teachers wear cute outfits and nurses wear nursing scrubs. They both love their job and love to educate others about different things in life.

It's Okay To Feel Helpless
Nurses know they cannot help every person. They want to save each person and help each family, but they know each situation might be different. They enrich our lives by helping us see that you cannot reach out to every patient. They tell stories about patients that are not gracious and think they could have done everything on their own. Nurses show you that in scary or bad situations, you are helpless and that is okay.  

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