First Car Memories - Those Vehicles Got Used and Abused

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 8:44am

Do you remember the feeling that you had when you were handed the keys to your first car? It was the moment when you finally felt free, and as though anything were possible.


It didn't matter that the doors were rusty, that the engine made a funny sound, or that there were tears in the upholstery - it was your car, and you could conquer the world. Upgrading to an eco-friendly Ford can bring these same emotions back – that’s what the Ford Focus is for. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall those first cars that you and your friends drove, and the experiences that you had.

Classic First Cars
Whether it was you or someone you know, everyone had a first car like one of these:

The Junker - You could hear it rumbling and moaning from miles away before that old junker pulled into the high school parking lot - usually with a trail of black emission following it. The air conditioner was busted, so on a hot summer day, the rolled-down windows made it impossible to carry on a conversation or listen to the radio without cranking up the volume as high as it would go. But that was OK. You liked blasting your tunes with the bass on so low that it rattled your car (and the other cars around you) anyway.

The Mini Van - Were you or one of your friends the kid who got stuck with their parent's old mini van? While lacking in cool points, van drivers were always great for allowing your group of buddies to pile in and ride down to the local pizza place after class (that is, if your parents allowed you to drive non-relative passengers or ride as the passenger of your peers). Plus, having a van made it easy to load up drums, amps, guitars, and become a band roadie.

The Custom Cars - The real auto enthusiasts were always eager to work hard to earn the dough to trick out their cars and customize them the best that they could. Chrome rims, subwoofers, and tinted windows were just the tip of the iceberg. You may have even customized your car to make it better for drag racing on Saturday nights on the boulevard.

First Car Wakeup Calls
What lessons did you learn from your first car?

Gas - After spending the first few weeks of car ownership by driving up and down the strip, you probably started noticing how broke you were becoming. Remember having to scrounge for pennies to fill up $5 of gas to get to school and back for the next few days?

Insurance - Did your parents make you pay for your insurance? Seeing how your speeding tickets affected your rates was probably a huge shock, and your first lesson in obeying the signs.

Regardless of what type of first car you had, how high your insurance was, or how poor of gas mileage you got, you drove that car into the ground. Now it's time to upgrade to a car that you can drive for years and years without any of the problems that you had as a kid. Take some time to learn more on the Ford Focus. You'll feel as alive and free as you did with your first car - without the hassle.