Breaking Down the Mystery of Hypnosis

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 9:46am

Someone who is dealing with painful memories or a physical condition can explore hypnosis for possible relief from symptoms. If she is dealing with memories from a painful childhood or a pain condition such as fibromyalgia, undergoing hypnosis from a qualified therapist can help.

Hypnosis Online
The person seeking relief from physical or psychological conditions should consult with a certified counsellor regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis to address her condition. Once the counsellor has learned about her particular condition, symptoms and the effects of these on her life, he can decide if hypnosis would be an effective means of addressing the issues. If so, he can begin working with his patient and help her begin learning how to manage her condition. If she is agreeable to the possibility of self-hypnosis, her counsellor can recommend some reliable hypnosis downloads so his patient can work at home in between therapy sessions.

About Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy helps the patient learn how to access her unconscious mind, allowing her to make the changes she needs in her life, by using both levels of mindfulness – conscious and unconscious. In contrast to the popular image of a stage hypnotist “putting someone under,” hypnotherapy allows the patient to begin to take control of her condition herself. Working with her therapist, she determines how she needs to change her life. Using progressive relaxation, she begins to implement these changes. The therapist won’t be able to impose his own suggestions on his patient. Instead, they will work together, using the strategies the patient has decided will work best for her own situation, including hypnosis downloads.

How Hypnosis Works
When the patient experiences something, such as a particularly painful fibromyalgia attack, the subconscious takes on the patient’s physical and emotional reactions. These are connected to her memories of that attack, likely in unhealthy ways. The trained hypnotherapist takes that experience and teaches his client to remember that event, then helps her to separate the memory from her behaviors. Once she has done this, he helps her to replace faulty behaviors with healthy ones.

Stages of Hypnosis
A qualified counsellor will guide his patient through several stages of hypnosis. These include restating the issue, then relaxing. He helps her to become fully engaged in images he presents to her. The counsellor helps her to let go of faulty assumptions and comply with suggestions for developing healthy responses. He brings her back to full awareness and discusses her experiences with her.

Reducing Pain, Fear and Symptoms of Illness
Hypnotherapy can help such conditions as asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, tinnitus, headaches, childbirth, indigestion, eating disorders, bedwetting, fibromyalgia, insomnia, phobias, stress, skin disorders and cancer-related pain. Hypnosis downloads can help the patient in between sessions. 

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