Bob Parsons 16 Rules You Should Live By


POSTED: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 10:07am

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 2:02pm

Bob Parsons has created several successful businesses, and he has shared a wealth of insight about how to be successful. The following rules are more observations that he’s made over time, and it might be better to understand them instead of only blindly following them.

Thinking independently is what made Bob Parsons the success he is. The rules he wrote for himself helped guide him toward achievement. Look at them here – paraphrased from the originals - and see if they might help you.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Stay Out of It. Being too comfortable is the death of innovation and hunger. Being hungry and having an edge of discomfort can push you to work very hard and take the chances you need to. If you're uncomfortable, you've got a chance.

Keep At It. Giving up is a loser's strategy. You're a winner, so keep at it.

You're Usually Close to Success When You Feel Ready to Give Up. Usually, you're just about to succeed when you've had a dozen problems smack you in the face. If you give up, you'll be personally writing your failure in the history books.

Know the Real Worst Case Scenario. Most of the time, it won't turn out nearly as badly as what you might fear. Usually, when you quantify the worst case scenario, you'll find you were afraid of a very small potential problem that most likely won't even happen.

Focus on Your Goals. If you forget your goals, you'll just work hard for nothing. Bob Parsons got where he is by being relentless in the pursuit of his goals, and you've got to do the same to reach yours.

Do Today's Work Today. Living in the past won't help much. Trying to think decades into the future won't help you accomplish the work that's right in front of you. With your goals in mind, work on what you can control right now.

Keep Moving Forward. Setbacks happen. Losers whine about it and let it be a serious obstacle. Winners get up and get right back to work. You're only finished when you die or when you quit.

Decide Quickly. You can spend all day making a choice, or you can make it quickly and spend the day making it happen. You won't get anything done if making any kind of choice takes you forever, and the best decisions are usually made pretty quickly. Go with your gut.

Keep Measurements of the Important Things. Every victory should be acknowledged. Every setback should be seen and understood. You should also keep a record of why each success and failure happened. The more you know about them, the more likely you'll cut down on failures and grow your successes.

If You Don't Manage Something, it Will Develop Problems. Rather like cleaning, managing and staying on top of any given thing will keep the inevitable accumulations from becoming serious. Catch a leak when it's been going for an hour, and it's a 10-minute fix that costs virtually nothing. Let it go for a few months, and you have a dangerous, expensive mold problem.

Keep Aware of the Competition, But Be More Aware of Your Actions. Everybody's activities are important. Just don't watch your neighbor so much that you forget to mow your own lawn. Don't gawk yourself into a traffic accident. You're running your business, not the other guy's.

Stand Up for Yourself. You have as much right to do what you want, provided its legal, as anybody else does. Fight for your rights.

Life Isn't Fair, and That's Good. If life were fair, everyone would be stuck with the same things. You can have whatever you can figure out how to get, without hurting others.

Deal With Your Problems. Running from things that go wrong won’t get anything solved, let you work through them, or learn from them.

Laugh at Yourself. Sometimes life is just funny. Don't be too serious, or you'll stress yourself to an early grave.

Smile. You have something to be grateful for. Remember it, and the bad times aren't so bad.

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