Are New Homes Still Built With Phone Jacks?

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 2:12pm

If you are looking to purchase a new home, there are countless questions you will be faced with. There are many concerns you may have that need some answers prior to investing in a home. Some of these questions were never an issue until recently as the technological level in our society continues to advance. One such question that deserves such an answer is whether or not your new home will contain a pre-installed telephone jack.

Home phone service was previously a foregone conclusion when deciding on purchasing a new house. In the tide of issues to consider, it did not even rate a second thought. Now that the majority of Americans have some sort of high speed internet, whether it be cable, satellite or fiber optic, you may find yourself asking about home phone service. 

The short answer is yes, homes are still built with phone jacks. The long answer is dependent, of course, on individual home builders and the demand in a given area. The majority of new home contractors are adding phone jacks to their homes, however there may be less than you are used to seeing. In the past, a home may have had a phone jack in nearly every room. The reality now is that only a few rooms may have this amenity, placed in rooms that probably would contain a phone (master bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.)

Why is this important for you, the home buyer? Beyond the obvious answer of whether or not you will be able to procure land-line home phone service is the issue of your devices. Some home entertainment providers request that customers hook up a phone line to their cable boxes, satellite receivers, or Internet modems. Some of the same providers may even offer a discount as this connection will allow them to monitor usage and reliability.

Secondly, although the need may not be as vital for a cable or fiber optic broadband Internet connection, some areas do not have these services. In this case, you would need to obtain Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet from your local phone company if you still would like broadband in your new home. As a last consideration, land line phones use an analog backbone system. This means that in a widespread natural disaster or other emergency, having home phone service enable you to call out when cellular networks are overworked and unable to provide service.

Installing a phone jack in a home is a relatively simple process and telephone companies often install them as needed at no additional charge. While many new homes are still being built with phone jacks, they may not always be where you intend to use them. Although you will have many considerations about your new home, solving this one may be your easiest task. 

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