5 Inspiring Trade Show Displays


POSTED: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 10:19am

UPDATED: Friday, December 28, 2012 - 11:36am

When it comes to trade show displays, the visual representation of your company that you hope to portray is the most important aspect of all, because this is what will draw in prospective clients and further any B2B relationships. Considering that most of these events are filled with too many display booths representing different companies, not all of them will be visited, and you need to ensure that you corral as many interested prospects as possible. This means sprucing up your display; using anything from high quality pop-up murals to designer comfort tile flooring for trade shows. For that unique touch that will make the most of your both, here are 5 more ideas for trade show displays:

  1. Because a trade show is meant to communicate the most positive image of the business that stands behind it, you can't go wrong by considering a large Waveline Display to introduce prospects to your company. The intense and full color dyed graphics are rendered on different modules that can be separately mixed-and-match to fit your particular design arrangement. The Waveline Display is an impressive, scene-stealing set-up that catches the eye because both its size, and limitless range of designs is supported by the ink dyes.
  2. Another option that complements the flooring for trade shows well is the Orient Banner Stand, which features north-south graphics very well. Not as expansive as the Waveline Display, the Orient Banner is best used to make your booth look more open and inviting, and can be made to stand off to the sides – visible, without acting as a barrier. The banner is easy to see from across the room, and the lack of curvature will ensure an easy-to-read format for any company lettering you might have drawn onto it.
  3. Panel displays are always a winner at trade shows. They are a solid alternative to the Waveline, and retain aspects of the Orient Banner with their side-to-side boards. They tend to be interchangeable with pop-up murals, and can be set-up very quickly. The elaborate Floor Standing Panel Display goes well with wood flooring for trade show displays.
  4. The traditional Table Top Display has withstood the test of time at these events for a very good reason: they work, and can be just as impressive as any other display you might choose. Quickly put-together, you can render a smaller version of any design that the other, larger displays can support, for a more homely and inviting feel to your business.
  5. Lastly, the Truss display is as impressive as they come. Elaborate and large, this sophisticated system of steel truss work and banner displays is often employed by major TV networks and corporations; its sheer size and visibility make for an excellent and inviting flooring for trade shows, catching the eyes of all prospects and visitors. You can have 3D graphics and custom configurations, making for the most memorable trade show booth of them all.

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